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Alright then, I’m SevenImpossibleFragments- you can call me Impy or whatever you please… this is a blog about writing, reviewing and my life in general. I am basically a person, female, who has depression and 3 autistic siblings. Nothing weird. I also have quite a dry, sarcastic sense of humour- sometimes a bit dark. Anyway,  you’re not here for me, just my content.

Well, here’s the rundown:


Exactly as the subheading suggests, I will be displaying writing. Be it articles, poems, news stories, reports, my own writings… you get the gist. When I publish such things on here, I will quote the source and tag it as ‘writing’.



This will be where I review characters, fanfiction, original writing, novellas ect. I will generally review stories here but if you want to have an in depth review, email me at SevenImpossibleFragments@gmail.com (this is mainly for those creating characters). I warn you though, I tend to be harsher in emails.



This will be about my life, whether it is about autism, depression, England, books, art, whatever, I will be writing about it here. The blogs will be less frequent than the other two categories unless requested otherwise. Most of it will be educational (e.g- What not to say to a depressed person) with my snarky self dragging things along.


Well that’s it for now- see you guys later