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Well, I was scowering the internet per usual and I happened to stumble across this article by TomaHaiku. Needless to say,  this made me pretty angry- but I was open to the other view, so I gave it a read.

Wow, there are so many things wrong with this. I understand the logic in this, because I myself  have held this view for the majority of my life (and still do to an extent) and it only fueled my depresion. My view made it worse than it could have been, causing my lowest points to be lower to the point where I felt I couldn’t breathe at all. Yet, I have worked to make myself see that I should stop caring about others so much (ironically selflessness is what started my low points) and focus on myself much more. But yhen, I could be an exception- I’m not everyone who is diagnosed with depression on the planet. I’m willing to accept I’m wrong.

Anyway, let’s get on with the actual content.

TomaHaiku states “… I hate my life, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I don’t have many friends,  people don’t like me… are the sort of typical comments we here from the depressed. Nowhere in there is there a mention of other people. It’s all about you.”  Well, first off, that sentence doesn’t entirely make sense as it is phrased awkwardly- maybe it should be nowhere in this is a mention or nowhere in there is a mention, if you wanted to stick more to the original phrase. However, you are wrong- through doing a bit of research to validate my view, I have found that most depressed people do not sink to the points they do because of easily changeable or temporary situations like this. Depression is often a build up of everything, causing your mind to be unable to cope with everything. Your hippocampus cannot regulate your mood properly, causing you to stay in this feeling- or lack of feeling- for long periods of time. This then causes more grey matter to form around the hippocampus because the hippocampus has become smaller because it’s not being used properly by the brain. But, contrary to your apparent closed-minded view, you cannot just will your brain to function properly or will your body to produce more endorphins- just like you can’t say “I want my liver to filter to not be scarred or fatty anymore after being an alcoholic for 30 years”- it’s just not going to happen, at least not right away. You even use cancer as an example to back up your case. You cannot completely cure cancer by willpower alone or else no one would die from it. Do you think that people want to die. Even when I hit my lowest pointss, I do not want to die- I may think about how everyone around me would benifit from my death- but I do not want to die. It is my selfishness that keeps me alive, ironically,  and not my willpower. 


But yes, to avoid this gettings super ranty, I shall stop it here- if you want me to continue with this post then tell me in the comment section. I’ll then continue if a few of you want me to. Think of this as a taster, if you will. Thank you for Jenya Grace for commenting and those who followed me. I didn’t expect to have this many in a measly 48 hours! Thanks again.